Strange India

Unusual Things to do in India

India is a nation of colorful traditions and eclectic cultures rooted on spiritual philosophies a midst a unique landscape and beyond all these is another world waiting to be explored. Image
There is so much tourism potential in this Asian country considering travelers from all over the world are taking a flight to India for various personal reasons. If you are searching for a unique adventure in some remote unspoiled land then consider India the place where you can wander around.
For some die hard explorers who are escaping the usual destinations will never be disappointed as to what India can offer. From weird temple to mystifying local tribe, to deserted ghost city are just some of the hidden surprises unique only to India. You’ll find plenty of unusual things to do in India and here are some exceptional suggestions that might appeal to your discriminating senses.

Pray with the Holy Rats of Karni Mata Temple

If there is one holy place that allows rats of all sizes to come in and take refuge you are definitely in India. Only in Deshnok you’ll find a unique offbeat tourist attraction that involves rats by the thousands sheltered from the outside world and fed regularly.ImageBowls of milk and platters of food are being served not for the human temple worshipers but for the rats to indulge and gorge with. This may sound so strange but this is India and where the strange and bizarre are common.
The Karni Mata Temple is a holy shrine built during the 14th century. Locals believed that this place has been home to Mata which is a reincarnated Hindu goddess name Durga. Folks around here truthfully swear that the thousands of rats living and breeding inside the temple are children of Karni Mata the reincarnated goddess. Rats here are given special considerations and are treated with care since these rodents are symbols of good luck and in case you spotted one white rat (albino) among the thousands then consider yourself holy.

Seeing Eye to Eye with a Poisonous Cobra

India is filled with mysticism and strange traditions but for an adventurer with a brave heart Image taking time to know the Vadi Tribe of Gujarat will allow you a one on one encounter with a venomous cobra snake. The Vadi tribal folks has been training with secret techniques to perfect the art of handling deadly cobras since the 10th century and even young kids age 2 or 3 are given an opportunity to get close with a dangerous serpent. Children from this tribe are officially trained by the age of two and on its way to become famous snake charmers.

Spend time Chasing Ghost in the Scariest Place in India

The city ruins of Bhangarh in the district of Alwar within the Rajasthan area is considered as India’s most haunted place. ImageThe beautiful Sariska Forest is the perfect background for the ruins. This lost spooky city is only accessible during daytime and it is strictly off limits right after sunset. Considered as a historical site but strange enough there is no government office here. It’s a government policy to build a satellite Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) office in all India’s historical sites but as the legend goes that this place is cursed by Guru Bala Nath and people from this town immediately fled the area overnight could have been the reason why people are so scared. Among the ruins remnants of Guru Bala’s tomb is still visible up to this day. Go ahead and dare to give this place a visit and get ready to have a spine tingling moment while exploring this ghostly town.


How to Prepare for a Trip to India

In most Asian nations the diverse culture is the usual good reason as to why travel this part of the world. No doubt that many global travelers would consider taking a flight to India for several reasons- it has a diverse and eclectic culture, there are so many interesting places to see here and most importantly India’s spirituality has attracted a cult of weary souls in search for humanity that can enrich the human spirit with valuable travel experience unique only to this country.


However, there are many things to consider before packing your bags for India than just planning your itinerary and getting ready for Taj Mahal. India as we all know is highly populated with most people living in poor conditions and traveling here could be difficult since you’ll have to forego some of the usual comfort that comes from a luxury travel but with that said, many adventure seekers are very much drawn to the natural beauty of this place with special emphasis in having the opportunity to immerse into their rich cultural heritage by meeting nice local people and appreciating its history.

Consider the following reminders and tips before traveling to India

Prepare Your Travel Documents

Most travelers have already acquired their own passports but for those who don’t this is the first step to consider. Indian government required all visitors to have a valid tourist visa you can either process your application via mail or better yet go to the Indian High Commission, London website.

Your options are either a 6-month which is the most commonly applied for or for those interested in frequent travels to India a 10-year visa is very practical. Please also get ready with a list of addresses that you will stay in India as well the possible regions you will visit there.

Health Concerns 

Many first time travelers to India are very much concern with their health and will go an extra mile to feel safe but the best thing to do is to visit your primary physician and discuss your planned trip to India together with your listed regions to travel. Your doctor will only administer the needed or required vaccinations that usually include immunizations against typhoid,  tetanus, cholera and hepatitis. Some would recommend getting shots for malaria it really depends on the area you plan to go to with careful consideration to diarrhea, which is the common health issue that most foreign travelers have experience.

Careful Trip Planning

Do some research and educate yourself and prepare yourself to the places that interest you the most. You can opt to go on a group travel but if you dare to travel as an individual which could be very exciting. Studying the regions or specific places you plan to travel to first is the best. Each region has a different culture with different type of cuisine as well as environment which you always have to keep in mind.

Personal Safety Concern 

It is a smart move to always learn a few important phrases in their local language since these will be useful when dealing with the locals. Trust your instincts and never compromise your personal safety.  If you feel that you don’t trust a stranger then follow your gut feeling.

INDIA is a place of diversities and a midst all these, traveling here will give pleasant memories that will linger on long after you left this Asian country. Just make sure you organize your itinerary, prepare travel documents, dealt with health concern issues and did some homework on the places you will include in your India trip. But make room for changes because you’ll never know what surprises has India has to offer.

India: The Land of Madness and Beauty

India: The Land of Madness and Beauty

This South Asian country boasts many connotations from negative impression depicted on media but there is something wonderful about India that travelers would find of india With over 1.2 billion people and the second highly populous area in the world, India managed to preserve its beautiful heritage through tourist destinations that are truly worth visiting.

India is a very lively city teeming with bustling city life and amidst the chaotic humdrum lies the other side of this country that is surreally serene which makes this place unique like no other on earth. If you are planning to take a flight to India and would want to have a meaningful travel experience there are certain places that would be interesting to visit and you’ll never run out of things to do in India.

Where to Explore When in India

MUMBAI: As the most highly dense city in India, this capital offers a surreal experience that must be gained firsthand. mumbai It is imminent that you’ll witness the presence of British colonial influence evident amongst historical structures around the city. One notable piece of British colonial rule is the impressive stone arch commemorating King George V when he visited in 1911. This monument is impressive enough but the teeming community fronting the square gives life to Mumbai’s bloodstream that draws locals and visitors. Make sure to see the spectacular historical sites such as the Prince of Wales Museum and the beautiful Victoria Terminus. Not be missed is the Gateway to India another astonishing site to behold in Mumbai.

DELHI: Experience the exciting day to day metro life in Delhi and just like Mumbai this place will allow you experience the vibrant energy of the city.delhi While soaking in the cultural highlights of India make sure to visit the Humayun’s Tomb, a beautiful symmetrical structure still standing since 1572 amidst the posh garden. The architectural styling of this tomb anticipated the building of Taj Mahal.

UDAIPUR and JAIPUR: The western part of India lays the beautiful serene destination called Udaipur surrounded by the most spectacular landscape all over this country. jaipur Along the bank of Lake Pichola lies a mystifying City Palace amidst the immaculate marble mountain. Amber Fort in nearby Jaipur houses the impressive Palace of Mirrors another site that transcends time. Include some spiritual meaning to your flight to India and set time to venture just outside the city then marvel at the beauty of Eklingji Temple Complex. There are more than a hundred ancient carvings to see here and this could be a soul searching retreat that adds up to the unique fabric of its society.

TAJ MAHAL and AGRA RIVER:  Revered by many poets this amazing structure truly is mystifying and no perfect image can be painted than to marvel in awe when you personally come close to this Indian jewel. agra riverSurreal as it may seem the Taj Mahal is a wonderful architectural masterpiece that sparks out of the sky. With impressive detailed stone work seen on its interior the surrounding Agra River can paint a whole new dimension to sunset and sunrise that can captivate any visitor.

Exploring the country of India will be a thrilling adventure for anyone who set aside inhibitions and some luxury comfort. Get ready to dive into its rich culture soaking both the madness and beauty of India. Visit UK to Anywhere, a Machester based travel agency & book your air ticket to India.